360 Virtual Tours

Looking for a way to win over potential buyers?

At Lekas, we use the iconic Matterport Pro 2 Camera to create a 360-degree virtual tour of your property. This could help you to sell your home quickly without the standard seventeen to thirty-four weeks that many owners contend with.

Our expert services are available throughout London, Surrey, and the surrounding areas and are designed to help property owners, real estate agents, and managers looking to get their property off the market.

360 Virtual Tours

The Matterport Pro 2 Camera, captues 2D panoramic images, with a resolution of 134 megapixels|. This data is then turned into 3D models and scans using specialist digital software, which can then be used to create a tour of your property.

Our 360 Virtual Tours take your listing to the next level, as they allow the viewer to gain a clearer ‘picture’ of your property and its assets - before they have even stepped through the door.

Dollhouse Views/Tours

The Matterport Pro 2 Camera can also be used to create a Dollhouse-style tour of your property. This is because it gathers data about the size of your property and more.  Dollhouse tours allow the viewer to click on individual rooms and learn more about the space.

Instead of seeing simple tags or boxes where furniture is placed, they can see how the furniture actually looks in the room. This can once again increase the chances of you making a speedy sale.

Google Street View 360

Google use similar data-gathering tools to create a ‘street view’ on their maps. When you create a street view of your property listing, you’re once again finding a new way to bring your property to life through the screen.

This is because they are incredibly clear, vivid tours that make you feel as though you’re actually walking through the space - even if you are looking from behind a screen. You can also create a tour of the exterior of your property, which helps you to showcase your curb appeal.

Measurement Mode

In measurement mode, the camera can take real measurements of different areas of your property, without you having to reach for the measuring tape. Not only can this save you a lot of time and energy, but its also a more efficient and accurate way of measuring your home, furniture and more. If you’d like to find out more about out Floor Plans or Virtual 360 tours, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.